Back in Malaysia for vacation

Yeap! After almost 3 years we finally made a trip back to Penang and KL during the Term 3 school holidays. It was just a 2 weeks break. This was the kids’ first trip back to see all their relatives. For Erinne, this was the first time she met up with all her relatives.

It was a good break though the weather was not too favorable as it was extremely hot and humid with many hazy days during our stay. It did rained quite a bit but generally it was hot.

We managed to savoured some of the food that we missed most and met up with quite a few friends and relatives. The kids had so much fun as they can play and go out everyday!

They are looking forward to go back again…


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De-stash my cloth diaper collection

Erinne is already 2.5 years old and soon I will be toilet training her once summer approaches to get her ready for play school when she turns 3.

Due to the high cost of water here, I have not been using my cloth diaper as much as I would love to. I have resorted to disposable for this reason. Also, most of the time it is cold and wet hence it takes a long time to dry the inserts since we do not have a dryer at home. There are limited clothe lines too.

Therefore, with heavy heart I am letting go of my beautiful diaper collection…



Ā .

Some are pre-loved and some are brand new. If you are interested to purchase, please send me an email at ramblingmoo [at] gmail dot com.

I have extra inserts too if you needed more to rotate. šŸ™‚

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Outdoor Set

Finally spring is here and everyone is all excited with more sunny days ahead. A friend has given us a new outdoor set and we are excited to have more meals out in our alfresco area. So looking forward to have BBQ as well as steamboat sessions!

As the surface is made of wood, I have to be real careful when I place the steamboat pot on it as I do not want to get it burned. Luckily I managed to findĀ fire retardent tablecloth hereĀ to protect the table’s surface.

The kids will be so thrilled when we can dine outdoor! šŸ™‚

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NoQ Store – Books for everyone

I am not an avid reader but I do love buying books especially recipe books! However, I have not been buying as much as before since we have been moving around quite a bit the past few years. Now we have finally settled down, I am looking to get more books, for my own collection as well as for the kids.

It is not an easy feat to shop with 2 young kids. Glennedine talks too loud and Erinne loves to mess up books at the book stores. Therefore, I have resorted to shop for books online instead. I find it much easier as I can slowly read through the titles (online reviews!) or I could sort them using different values.

As Darrius is moving pretty quickly in his reading, I am encouraging him to read more chapter books to increase his word power. For the girls, I am reading to them before they go to sleep each night, which is a habit I hope will help them to love reading more in the future.

Recently, I got to know about NoQ Store, an online book store which is a subsidiary of Times Publishing Group, one of the most reputable name in publishing, printing, distribution and retail in Asia Pacific. It stocked with 14 millions of titles spanning across different genres for all age groups. What more, most of them are at a discounted price of up to 50%!

I got these for the girls and they just love them!





Both girls enjoyed the Stories for 2 years old as they find the short stories inside hilarious. I specifically selected the Winnie the Pooh book set for Glennedine to cultivate her interest in reading since she is in pre-school now. The words are simple and with all the nice illustrations, she is learning pretty fast!

And I got these fiction books by Bruce Coville for Darrius as he is into reading chapters books in school. Kids his age just love such titles!





If you love books, shop at NoQ Store today as you can save a whole lot! From now till 31st of November 2014, all readers of will get an exclusive 15% discount on all purchases. Just remember to type in the Code RAMBLINGMOO at check out. Also, if you purchase above SGD25 or RM50, you are entitled for FREE DELIVERY.

Don’t wait! Start shopping now!




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Waiting for discount

We are thinking of getting another single bed for Erinne as she will soon move in to Glennedine’s room. Though there are always sales going on here but the best time is actually the year end and summer sale. We have yet to decide if we should get one of thoseĀ foam mattressesĀ or those spring ones.

Ideally it should be medium hard as too soft might not be good for the back even though for young kids. Also, they like jumping and bouncing on their beds so best to get though heavy duty ones!

Another 3 months to Christmas so we will wait! šŸ˜›

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Mooncake Festival 2014

It is the mid autumn celebration again! Though we are in spring now but we still follow the Chinese’s tradition to celebrate this lovely event even we are here in Melbourne.

This year, I am lucky to have received 2 sets of mooncakes from friends.

Here is what I had earlier today….




They were made by Darrius’s friend’s grandma who is from Xinjiang. The light colored skin is the 5 nuts and the chocolate ones are filled with Lindt chocolate and mung beans. They were yummy!



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Snow in regional Melbourne!

Last night it actually snowed in Ballarat which is on the north west of Melbourne! Tonite we are expecting the coldest night for this winter and hopefully there will be snow around our suburb! šŸ™‚

The snow mountains has been having record snow fall… just too bad we can’t go since the kids have school. Hopefully we’ll get to go next year when Erinne is older.


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