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Huge Disappointment with Chicago Rib House

This is another backdated post! Remember when I first blogged about our very 1st experience at Chicago Rib House in Gurney Plaza on this year’s Father’s Day? We were all happy with their food and service though they were not … Continue reading

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Hungry or full?

I am not sure if every kids go through such a phase. It is when they can’t really distinct between hunger and fullness but I think I have one here! Darrius don’t seems to know if he is hungry or … Continue reading

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Can you accecpt drinks from strangers??

Last Saturday we brought the kids to the Mainland again so PiggyBeng can go hit some balls, I can shop with Baby G and Darrius can enjoy himself in the indoor play land. This is a promise I made to … Continue reading

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POS LAJU (Cheras) – The WORST EVER! Major Rant!

Rant! Rant! Rant! My confinement ended almost 3 weeks ago. Some nice blogging friends sent Glennedine some pressies using our beloved postal service to my parents’ place in Cheras thinking of a little surprise. Our postal service is so good … Continue reading

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Hospital Kajang is HOPELESS!!!

Rant! Rant! Rant! Arrrgghhh! OK, I know it is not a good time to rant since Christmas is tomorrow… we should forgive and forget but something that happened just don’t let me have the giving heart! If you read my … Continue reading

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A traumatic experience

Glennedine’s jaundice level was like a roller coaster ride… going up and down for the past 2 weeks after she was discharged from hospital. Since she was peeing and pooing well, there was nothing more we could do as her … Continue reading

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Why they love to bribe with sweets?

Darrius has been in kindy for just 3 weeks but the amount of sweets he ate far surpass the amount he had for the last 4 years! I just don’t get it why some parents or guardians as well as … Continue reading

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