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My shoes crumbled!

I have not seen my some of my shoes left in my Penang home for the past 3 years so when I was back last month, I took them out thinking I could wear them. To my horror some of … Continue reading

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Dad is finally discharged

My dad had a blacked out 2.5 months ago and after some consultations at the hospital, he was diagnosed with a mild stroke. While doing some further checks, the doctor discovered a ‘tumor’ which has grown to a size of … Continue reading

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KFC Breakfast Set – Expensive and a BIG letdown!

I think a lot of people are avoiding KFC after their recent scandals where their kitchen staff were caught tampering with food preparation. A few weeks back, I received a copy of KFC’s breakfast promotion vouchers in my letter box. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Trying to save RM1

… but got slapped with a RM150 fine! How did that happen? About two weekends back, PiggyBeng was away on one of his business trip to Jakarta so I decided not to cook and brought the kids out for dinner. … Continue reading

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Drivers here are soooo ungracious!

This morning I brought the kids out to Tesco to have lunch as well as to stock up on our daily groceries. Everything went well until when we were on our way out of the parking lot. One dumb ass … Continue reading

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A quiet Mid Autumn in Penang

The moon cakes manufacturers started churning out moon cakes like 2.5 months ago and we bought ours a month ago. Even before Mid Autumn Festival, which was last night, we already finished 3 boxes with the huge chunk eaten by … Continue reading

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Can’t stand her cries no more!

I can’t remember when Baby G started her crying spell. Probably about 2 months back if I can still remember clearly… She don’t sleep like a baby any more as she wakes up almost every hour during the night just … Continue reading

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