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If your pets are sick

What do you do when your beloved pet(s) falls sick??? I know many of us in Asia will not hesitate to bring them to the vet right away but out here in Australia or other countries things might be different. … Continue reading

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De-stash my cloth diaper collection

Erinne is already 2.5 years old and soon I will be toilet training her once summer approaches to get her ready for play school when she turns 3. Due to the high cost of water here, I have not been … Continue reading

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Little Music Maestros

A friend of mine is one great mother. She has 3 sons and all of them are doing so well in school! To topped it off, all 3 boys are pianists as well competing and performing in many competitions! They … Continue reading

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Going back to business

The kids are all growing up and both PiggyBeng and myself have been discussing if I should go back to business… yes, restarting my cake business or maybe weekend catering business! Well, I’ve been tinkering with the idea for quite … Continue reading

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Time to shop

It has been a while since I do any shopping for myself. The past weeks or months I hardly have time to look for something for myself since the end of winter sale started a few weeks ago. I got … Continue reading

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The ABCDE of Formula are all Craps!

I am in the midst of weaning Baby G off breast milk and thus has been scouting around for the right formula milk for her. She has been rejecting almost all the milk I have introduced so far. There are … Continue reading

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Bad Breakfast Breed Dumb Kids

Last night while waiting for the bombing session to end I decided to read some news and this particular piece of article/video caught my attention and I thought I should share it here too beside on my Bento Fun blog. … Continue reading

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