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The Baby is 3!

On April the 17th, our baby turned 3! She has been waiting for this big day as she will be able to attend play school (where mommy won’t have to accompany her!) and also to go into Ikea’s Smaland! She … Continue reading

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Lil’ girl loves her food

When we were back in Penang, Erinne was having a great time tasting all the food she never had before. She is not picky and she eats almost everything!!! Here she was enjoying her first piece of apom bought at … Continue reading

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Cheeky Babe!

It has been a while since I posted much about the kids here. It is too convenient to just share them on Facebook these days I guessed 😛 .   . Little babe is growing up fast! She turned 27 … Continue reading

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Lil’ Dragon turned 2!

Can’t believe how time flies! Though I have been hoping the kids grow faster each day but I just can’t believe how fast they have grown! Our little dragon girl has turned 2 last Thursday! She is the baby of … Continue reading

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Lil’ sassy girl

I don’t remember knowing any babies who start choosing what to wear at a young age of 16 moths! I know both Darrius and Glennedine do not do that when they are at 16th month! Erinne is really a special … Continue reading

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Finally WEANED

Can’t believe Lil’ Babe is finally weaned off the boobies! I started weaning her off night feed in early September. It was not that tough as I though. It was a gradually transition whereby I substitute her with milk before … Continue reading

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Caged up school holiday!

We were all set for the 2nd term break last week and had planned to do a few activities with the kids over the 2 weeks holidays. However, we never expected to strike jackpot! Of all the things, the girls … Continue reading

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