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This is the season dad-di loves most… cause he gets to eat his ‘king of all fruit’! Since I have dad-di’s genes, I’m too going to love it too! According to dad-di, this year’s harvest was not as good as … Continue reading

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fUn-tAstIc dAy On-dA bEacH!

Oooooooooooooo! Did I tell you I lurveeeeeee weekends? I can go kai-kai, walk-walk to so many places! Guess where did dad-di and maa-mi brought me to today??? Building sand castles on the beach! And I really enjoyed myself! First we went shopping … Continue reading

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mY 3-whEeLeR

Maa-mii did not bring my 4-wheeler along when we went back to gong-gong’s house as there were too many things maa-mii tried to stuffed inside dad-di’s car boot. I was left with so little toys (so sick with the toys maa-mii brought … Continue reading

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i aM kINg ShReK!

          Ooops! Where’s my Darling Princess and that Kaypoh Donkey????     

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i sAng fOr mA-mii aNd pOh-PoH

Finally kau-fu sent the photos we took almost 2 weeks ago! Guess where we went? We went to sing-song lar! :) It was Mommy’s Day, a day specially for ma-mii and poh-poh. I went together with ma-mii, poh-poh, gong-gong, kau-fu … Continue reading

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hApI bUrthDeY kAu-fU

hApI bUrthDeY to U, hApI bUrthDeY tO u, hApI bUrthDeY kAu-fU! hApI bUrthDeY to U.      dEarEst KaU-fU, mAy YoU hAvE a WOndeRful bUrthDeY AnD mAy aLL yOUr wIshEs cOme tRue…    LUp fRoM, dArRiuS, mAa-mII aNd dAd-Di   

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mY cOusInS…

Let me introduce my cousins…. Janice che-che and Jovin kor-kor… Maa-mii was wondering where were the photos we took together with my cousins before the Lunar New Year and only found out that dad-di has downloaded it in another PC… … Continue reading

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