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The Baby is 3!

On April the 17th, our baby turned 3! She has been waiting for this big day as she will be able to attend play school (where mommy won’t have to accompany her!) and also to go into Ikea’s Smaland! She … Continue reading

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Lil’ Dragon turned 2!

Can’t believe how time flies! Though I have been hoping the kids grow faster each day but I just can’t believe how fast they have grown! Our little dragon girl has turned 2 last Thursday! She is the baby of … Continue reading

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It has been 8 years!

Yesterday marked the 8th year of our wedding registration. Can’t believe how time flies! So many things have changed over the 8 years we sealed the contract as husband and wife and I must say, I am glad we are … Continue reading

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Dad is finally discharged

My dad had a blacked out 2.5 months ago and after some consultations at the hospital, he was diagnosed with a mild stroke. While doing some further checks, the doctor discovered a ‘tumor’ which has grown to a size of … Continue reading

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Traders Hotel KL 2011

We got the chance to go to KL again in mid March tagging along PiggyBeng’s business trip on the day he returned from Melbourne. It was a long day for him as he touched down around 9.30am and we drove … Continue reading

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Baby G 1st Beach Day Out

Another extremely back dated post! On 22 January 2011, we finally set our foot onto the beach after a very long hiatus. I can’t remember when was the last time we were there but it was definitely way before we … Continue reading

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My Sweet ’16’ Birthday

Great title? 😛 How I wish I am forever sweet 16 eh?!!! This year my birthday fell on a Friday which is one of my favorite day. 😀 PiggyBeng works half day on Friday so it was a good day… … Continue reading

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