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Angry Birds Fever!

If you go to the morning markets, the malls, the street stalls and almost every where, you’ll see people peddling the infamous birdy and piggy stuff… The RED, YELLOW, BLUE, BLACK, WHITE birds and the GREEN pigs have some how … Continue reading

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Finder Keeper

On the day we celebrate PiggyBeng’s birthday, was the day we went to check out the new Tesco at Tanjong Tokong as we were too early, the restaurant was not opened for business yet. Therefore, we swung by Tesco for … Continue reading

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KFC Breakfast Set – Expensive and a BIG letdown!

I think a lot of people are avoiding KFC after their recent scandals where their kitchen staff were caught tampering with food preparation. A few weeks back, I received a copy of KFC’s breakfast promotion vouchers in my letter box. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Durian Overload!

This year Penang is having an abundance of durian harvest! Every where you go, you can see durian peddlers peddling their baskets of durian at any time of the day! For those who has exquisite taste buds, they will drive their … Continue reading

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The Exabytes Durian Party

I am no durian fancee so I am not that bothered if I can eat any of them for free. However, I will do it for my durian obsessed PiggyBeng! 😛 About 2 weeks back, I received an email invite … Continue reading

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Dining @ Dynasty Far Lim

We saw a new restaurant opened next to Red Bali (opposite Sunshine Mall, Far Lim) somewhere end of last year and never went to try it until early last month. I brought my parents when they were here to attend … Continue reading

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Mall hopping

On Friday, we did what we usually do when we are in KL… mall hopping! It is unusual for us to do that when we are in Penang as PiggyBeng is not a mall rat like me! I can shop … Continue reading

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