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My shoes crumbled!

I have not seen my some of my shoes left in my Penang home for the past 3 years so when I was back last month, I took them out thinking I could wear them. To my horror some of … Continue reading

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She drives me crazy!

In our household, we are never short of excitement even though we only have 3 kids. Can’t imagine those families who has more than 3 kids! Our life is full of colors as we have Ms Samseng! Last night she … Continue reading

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Worst July

This July is one of the worst month I’ve ever had! First I drove up the fence and last Friday I was in 2 narrow escape on the road. It is like God is trying to tell me something… I … Continue reading

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I drove up the fence…

Yikes! What could be worse than having a car accident???? Luckily it is nothing major but it is still bad… for the fence that is! I practically drove up the fence yesterday… . . I was supposed to stop and … Continue reading

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Dry Skin

I always thought that during autumn and winter that my skin will gets very dry but I was wrong! Even now, in the mid of summer I found that my face is drying up! I thought the hunidity is higher … Continue reading

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Kindy concert only in memory

We attended Darrius’s kindy concert last Tuesday after waiting for it for the longest time. It was a smooth sailing event with everything went on schedule. He finally received his scroll and ‘graduated’. I almost cried with tears of joy … Continue reading

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a BIG Surprise

When I thought I finally gained my freedom to do what I’ve left behind 3 years ago, I am sentenced to another 3 years jail term! . . Yes… a little one will be joining the RamblingMoo Clan soon!

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