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Not sure why. Each time when PiggyBeng is away, the sick bugs will sure to come for a visit! The past 2 nights Darrius has been complaining that it hurts when he tries to pee. He even wet his pants … Continue reading

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Still feeling lousy

I am already in my 17th week now but I am still feeling lousy. Still have nausea every now and then and will throw up too. Probably my pro-longed cough contribute to that too and now I am having flu … Continue reading

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Home bound

We just got home from KL yesterday and it was one of the lousiest trip we ever had. Why? Well, both kids were sick the entire time making us home bound! It all started with Darrius getting food poisoning just … Continue reading

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Clearing all debts

Before we move away, there are much to do. We need to cancel most of our subscriptions so we still have time to check if they are property terminated. Knowing how ‘reliable’ some companies work… we have to really plan … Continue reading

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Kindy concert only in memory

We attended Darrius’s kindy concert last Tuesday after waiting for it for the longest time. It was a smooth sailing event with everything went on schedule. He finally received his scroll and ‘graduated’. I almost cried with tears of joy … Continue reading

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He asked for a scooter

We intend to get the kids bicycles when we moved over since there will be ample space for them to ride around as compared to our current place. Australia is a place for out door activities so we are going … Continue reading

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Touring Australia

One of our dreams is to travel the whole of Australia in a RV when the kids grew up. It will definitely a fun thing to do and the kids will enjoy their time living in a RV or commonly … Continue reading

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