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Halfway through Term 2

Can’t believe we are already halfway through to Term 2. Winter is slowly easing and flowers have been blooming rapidly which means spring is just round the corner! Time flies by real quickly when there are so much stuff to … Continue reading

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The Baby is 3!

On April the 17th, our baby turned 3! She has been waiting for this big day as she will be able to attend play school (where mommy won’t have to accompany her!) and also to go into Ikea’s Smaland! She … Continue reading

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The Queen turned 5

I am a little late in posting! Glennedine celebrated her 5th birthday last month (December 2014) with a full Frozen theme. Was supposed to give her a party but seeing everyone was so busy with year end activities, we decided … Continue reading

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Nine spells Minecraft!

Last Friday, on the 21st of November, Darrius turned 9. Can’t believe how time flies! That means I have been blogging for almost 9 years too! Looking back at my fist post of Darrius made me teared up little. This … Continue reading

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If your pets are sick

What do you do when your beloved pet(s) falls sick??? I know many of us in Asia will not hesitate to bring them to the vet right away but out here in Australia or other countries things might be different. … Continue reading

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Lil’ girl loves her food

When we were back in Penang, Erinne was having a great time tasting all the food she never had before. She is not picky and she eats almost everything!!! Here she was enjoying her first piece of apom bought at … Continue reading

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My shoes crumbled!

I have not seen my some of my shoes left in my Penang home for the past 3 years so when I was back last month, I took them out thinking I could wear them. To my horror some of … Continue reading

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