NoQ Store – Books for everyone

I am not an avid reader but I do love buying books especially recipe books! However, I have not been buying as much as before since we have been moving around quite a bit the past few years. Now we have finally settled down, I am looking to get more books, for my own collection as well as for the kids.

It is not an easy feat to shop with 2 young kids. Glennedine talks too loud and Erinne loves to mess up books at the book stores. Therefore, I have resorted to shop for books online instead. I find it much easier as I can slowly read through the titles (online reviews!) or I could sort them using different values.

As Darrius is moving pretty quickly in his reading, I am encouraging him to read more chapter books to increase his word power. For the girls, I am reading to them before they go to sleep each night, which is a habit I hope will help them to love reading more in the future.

Recently, I got to know about NoQ Store, an online book store which is a subsidiary of Times Publishing Group, one of the most reputable name in publishing, printing, distribution and retail in Asia Pacific. It stocked with 14 millions of titles spanning across different genres for all age groups. What more, most of them are at a discounted price of up to 50%!

I got these for the girls and they just love them!





Both girls enjoyed the Stories for 2 years old as they find the short stories inside hilarious. I specifically selected the Winnie the Pooh book set for Glennedine to cultivate her interest in reading since she is in pre-school now. The words are simple and with all the nice illustrations, she is learning pretty fast!

And I got these fiction books by Bruce Coville for Darrius as he is into reading chapters books in school. Kids his age just love such titles!





If you love books, shop at NoQ Store today as you can save a whole lot! From now till 31st of November 2014, all readers of will get an exclusive 15% discount on all purchases. Just remember to type in the Code RAMBLINGMOO at check out. Also, if you purchase above SGD25 or RM50, you are entitled for FREE DELIVERY.

Don’t wait! Start shopping now!





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  1. Marylouise says:

    Your article petfcerly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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