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Though I do not post photos everyday on my blogs but I do post quite a bit over at my Facebook accounts. In fact I share a lot of photos with my family and friends especially on the kids and some of my cooking and baking adventures. Sharing via smartphones are so much more convenient now and with some really cool photo editing apps such as PicsArt really make photo sharing fun.

If you have not heard about PicsArt yet, I can bet with you that this is one of the most comprehensive photo editing apps I’ve come across so far. I have downloaded heaps of other apps but none came close to what PicsArt can do! Seriously, I am still fiddling with all the features so much so, it looks more like a full suite software than just an apps for handheld devices.

It is a very user friendly apps if you have been using some of the other photo editing apps before. You can even do collages with it too! Best of all, it is FREE! It has a basic toolbar where you can launch directly from your phone either from the photo gallery or capturing the image instantly and work from there.

Lets take a look at what it has…


Basic Tools

There are a total of 9 tools that you can use which includes cropping, flipping/rotating, free cropping, shape cropping, stretching, cloning, curves, color (brightness & contrast) and resizing.


There are tons of effects to choose from! Besides the normal FX features such as Cinerama, Twilight and Lomo, I particularly like the Sepia and B&W Vintage. Beside the regular correction too to fix red eyes, there are tools for you to fix blemishes and teeth whitening! Extremely awesome!


Here is the fun stuff. You can draw, add text (there are so many fonts to choose from!), add shapes, add more photos and even have layers! It started to look like Photoshop!


I was stunned to see this function. I can actually add Bokeh for my photos! Knowing my phone can’t get me the bokeh effects, this function certainly gave that edge. Totally love it! Other than that, you can also add texture or even add some artistic features on to your photos such as starburst and etc.

Border and Frame

There are heaps to choose from and seriously, I was totally drown trying to decide which to use!


Another really fun stuff from this app. You can jazz up your really boring photos using stuff from here.

Lens Flare

Another really nice feature available especially for those photos with dark background.


I so love this one. This feature sure to brighten up those dull photos! I love it as it has so many designs compared to some other apps I have used in the past.

PicsArt has an impressive social media integration which includes Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Fousquare, Google, Dropbox and etc besides other then saving in your phone’s photo gallery.

Apart from sharing your photos via the regular social media, you can even share them in the PicsArt gallery with other PicsArt users as a registered member. Its sort of give you an idea what others are doing so you can test them on your photos.

Overall, it is a really cool apps but I must say it is a little overwhelming in the beginning as there were just too many things and it kind of confusing. However, once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. Sometimes you’ll tend to fixed with the few editing functions for most of the photos that you have.

Download the apps here.


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