Back in Penang

2 weeks ago, PiggyBeng went back to Penang for a week. My FIL was admitted into hospital due to some problem in his colon. He was hospitalized for almost 6 weeks. Luckily he is healthy again for now.

Since PiggyBeng was there, I have asked him to bring some of the stuff that I did not bring along when we left for Melbourne the last time. I have for some reasons left my entire box of costume jewelry behind. I told Glennedine that I will pass her some of the stuff which I can’t use. There is a necklace and pendant set which has her name on it that I hope she can wear now. Also, there are a few promise rings for her which she can wear when the time is right.

Other than the jewelry, PiggyBeng also brought back some other un-useful items >.<


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