Book Review – Teddy Bear Princess, A Story About Sharing and Caring

Recently as Erinne started to play more with her two older siblings, fights for toys or just about anything is unavoidable! Darrius will usually gives in after getting stares from me but not Glennedine. She is one hot headed mule when it comes to sharing! Erinne is not too far off as she is determine to have everything she touches!





When I was offered to review The Teddy Bear Princess – A Story About Sharing & Caring by Jewel Kats I was delighted! The timing was so apt! The book was written to suit toddlers so it is extremely easy to understand. Though I know Erinne might not have much idea but Glennedine got the understood immediately. Coincidentally being a four years old, she is so into princesses and unicorns now which was featured in the book hit it off with her.

Teddy Bear Princess is a girl living in a castle who lived in a castle in a deep forest. She has a gorgeous bedroom, loads of fluffy dresses and a collection of sparkling crowns. However, she has sweet tooth so she will always go looking for lip smacking berries and yummy berries. Glennedine can related so much at this point since she has sweet tooth and loves her berries!

When Teddy Bear Princess found treats she will always share it with her best friend Zumba, the magical unicorn. They will then travel around the planet and share their goodies with everyone. I told Glennedine to treat Erinne as her best friend. And being best friends they should share and care for each other.

Author Jewel Kats has skilfully illustrate the simple idea of sharing and caring between two person. This book with beautiful and colourful illustrations by Richa Kinra Arts is suitable for any beginner readers as it is not too wordy. The simple meaning of caring and sharing with someone who are dear and close is woven smoothly in the story. It is definitely a good bed time story for all young readers.

You can get this book from here.


Disclosure :

I have received the above book to facilitate my review from Parent Reviewers and I was not compensated in any other forms for this post. All  opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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