Meeting some new parents

This week is the 3rd week the kids attending Mandarin class. Ms Diva still needed us to keep her company in the class so PiggyBeng stayed with her while I brought baby around the school waiting for them. It is so boring to wait 3 hours with a cranky baby!

Luckily there were other parents around so we started chatting. Even this is my 3rd year in the school, I hardly chat with any parents before this! lol Normally we just drop Darrius off and pick him when class ends but with little missy… we have to stay by her side coz she is too young to be left on her own especially during break time.

Chatted with a few moms and a dad. Most of the moms are home makers so we just chatted about cooking and stuff. With the dad, he is into gardening so I managed to get some tips from him on hoe to grow our garden. He happened to be a guitarist for his church and told me that he just purchased this 16×4 snake audio at guitar center a couple of days ago.

It was fun to finally get to know some parents in the Chinese school so at least I can chat with them when waiting for the kids.


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