Refitting all the lights

When we bought our house, the previous owner only had the most basic lamps/light bulbs fixed. There were not a single fancy lamps/shades in the house! There are more than 20 points so we will have to take a while to replace them with new lamp shades.

The one that I most wanted to replace are the 3 spotlights above my kitchen counter. I am thinking of getting the spotlight from artemide light which is what I have in mind for a while.




Instead of having the standard straight line shine, I can move the direction of the 3 lights which might give a brighter feel in my kitchen.

Will have to discuss with the boss first! 😛



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One Response to Refitting all the lights

  1. Kit says:

    I like the idea but will the 3 spot lights still be bright enough for the kitchen? Our kitchen area still has fluorescent lighting as I need bright lights…

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