Finally we moved in

After an uneventful tennis session with the flooring supplier we finally got our flooring done on the last week of September and we moved in three days later. The house is still in a mess as lots of work are partially done.

PiggyBeng wanted to move in ASAP so that we do not need to commute back and forth to do up the house… he figured it will be easier if we are in the house. Well, truth is, it is better to do it when the house is empty… too late now 😛

We made the move on 28 of September which is mid of Term 3 break. It was my desired date earlier but was dashed when the flooring company informed us that there may be delays but was lucky everything got done before.

It has been almost a month now and we are enjoying our new pad… the kids are happy as they can go ride their bicycles or scooters at any time they like since we have a big alfresco area which is cemented.


About Angeleyes

Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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