Down with fever

The past few days has been extremely windy here in Melbourne. It was so windy that many trees were uprooted or branches fallen off. In fact on last Friday night, the wind was so strong that the electricity was cut off briefly (not too sure how long since I went off to sleep after it did not resumed after a couples of minutes).

We went to Ruffey Lake Park on Sunday for a gathering and it was super duper windy as well though it was noon time! Then we went to inspect our house on Monday and it was the same. Therefore, Glennedine became a victim of flying pollens… or hay fever.

She was unusually quiet on Monday night after we returned home and refused to have her dinner. Only managed to drink a small box of chocolate milk and went off to bed while spotting a mild fever.

For the first time she said she did not wanted to go to school even when she loves school so much. That means she was really feeling sick. Poor dear.

Brought her to the doctor yesterday after her fever did not subside even after a few rounds of Paracetamol. She is still not drinking or eating much. Just hope she will feel better when morning comes.


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