Healthy Juicing

Though it is the end of winter now in Melbourne but it is far from over… the cold weather that’s it! For some weird reasons, it got really chilly… or freezing the past few days! The weather forecast showed warmer temperature but we do not feel warm at all… in fact we are wearing more cloths than the last 2 months! News reports said that this year’s winter is much colder as compared to the last few years though it started much later. Lots of wind chills too! There are warnings that strong wind will strike this weekend. Just hope nothing major will happen though there might be cases of trees uprooting.

Due to the freezing weather, we have been eating… a lot more than we should be! Especially PiggyBeng! The moment he arrived home from work he demanded to have dinner and that is usually around 5-ish only! He used to have his dinner around 6-ish last time.

Since everyone is having better appetite now, unconsciously I am cooking more than usual. Therefore, I am eating more than usual too! I have started to snack at night too as I got hungry since I ate around 5-ish too. It is bad but I just can’t resist… especially I have so much junk food in the pantry! 😛

Anyway, I have started juicing in a bid to lose weight with a healthier alternative. Needed the extra vitamins and minerals to help flush out all those toxins from those junk food that I have been feeding myself. Hopefully when the warmer weather comes, it will be easier to continue…





My first few healthy juice are a blend of purple carrot, beetroot and green apple. Love how refreshing it taste. Even all the kids love it! I fed some to Baby E and she finished in no time.

Will be trying other combos as the weather changes and the different fruits and vegetables available. So looking forward to try all the different taste and all can be done using my little bullet blender… so convenient! 😀



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Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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