Caged up school holiday!

We were all set for the 2nd term break last week and had planned to do a few activities with the kids over the 2 weeks holidays. However, we never expected to strike jackpot!

Of all the things, the girls got themselves infected with HFMD (Hand Foot and Mouth Disease)! Not sure where they got it from since we went to a couple of places the previous weeks so it was hard to nail down where exactly could be the main point.

Glennedine was the first to have all the symptoms as she first complained her mouth hurts then she refused to swallow her saliva. I decided to check her throat the next day and found she has ulcers all over her throat and tongue! Later that night PiggyBeng brought her to the GP and he detected red spots on her hands and feet and confirmed it to be HFMD. What a bummer to start off the holiday!

The next day, it was baby’s turn to refused food and was spotted with a temperature. Then I saw red spots on her feet and her bums and so I knew she was infected as well… and the following two days was just hellish! Both girls were so cranky!!!

There isn’t anything we can do to help it to go away except to just wait for them to recover on their own. The doctor just told us to give a lot of liquid to the girls. That was it!

So the past few days they only fed on yoghurt, cold milk and water. Only yesterday they started to have better appetite and I gave them some oatmeals.

There goes our chance to go to the beach and can’t try out the bolle sunglasses that I’ve just got for both PiggyBeng and myself. Hopefully we can still go next week when they are much better. Supposed to confine ourselves at home until they are better…


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One Response to Caged up school holiday!

  1. Kit says:

    Aww…what a bummer alright. Do give them vege purees, fruit lollies and fruit juices too as those helped my boy heal fast when he got it. Take care and hugs to the girls!!!

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