Little Dragon Girl is turning ONE!

I just can’t believe how fast time passes! In less than 5 days our little dragon girl will turn 1! I can still remember a year ago we were all so anxious on her arrival. As my parents were due to arrive supposedly 2 weeks prior to my due date but little dragon decided to come into this world early! And she is our first ABC too! Yes, Australian Born Chinese that is! 🙂

She has her kor-kor’s look but has her jie-jie’s character! Oh yes, she has a BIG character just like Ms Samseng! *shivers*




She has just started to stand on her own and did a little of cruising but still very much reluctant to walk. If we tried holding her she will make those jelly feet and end up sitting down. Well, no one wanted her to walk that early any way as she can be a little of a monster… 😛

However, she is fast on speech as she can already call me Mama and her daddy dah-dah. When she sees me preparing her food she will call out ‘mum-mum’ and when she sees us holding the phone she will mimic us by putting her hand up to her ear and says ‘eh-loh’ which is so darn adorable! 🙂

It is with much regret that I can’t record most of her milestones here as she would not allow me to sit in front of the PC during the day so I have to steal time at night when she sleeps to do work on the PC.

There are just too many things to update that my to-do list is growing faster bean sprouts! 😆





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One Response to Little Dragon Girl is turning ONE!

  1. I can’t help but to comment. This shot of her….wah, really look like kokor.

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