Ms Samseng in Play School

Geez, Term one just ended and I have not even mention anything about it! It shows how lazy busy I am these days!! 😆 Well, if it is not because I need to rush some writing jobs, I don’t think I’ll have much chance in front of the PC these days. Need to squeeze time out to write… really!

Registered Glennedine for play school when the school term 1 started in end of January. Her first class commenced on the 1st week of February. It was a once a week for 2.5 hours which is at the local council learning centre. The program is like a integration program for kids who are 3 years old which is for them to learn a little of independence and socialising before they goes to kinder at 4 years old.

Our little Samseng is one tough cookie whom did very well since Day 1. Another milestone achieved. She did not cry a single tear nor ask for mommy whch sent kor-kor to shame as kor-kor cried for almost 2 weeks!  She thoroughly enjoyed all her sessions with all the fun activities of out door play, crafts and story telling.




Each week there will be different activities for the kids where they will learn a little about daily life skills. Though it is only for play but they are taught how to do these activities properly. No doubt our little monkey is having loads of fun! 🙂

She can’t wait for Term 2 to start!


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