Biggest scare!

Yesterday was Good Friday so PiggyBeng was not working. However, he was working from home since the moment he wakes up and did not stop even for lunch! It was really annoying that he got stuck in front of his lappies the whole day!! After lunch he kept asking me to fill his water tumbler and I felt weird as it was quite a cool day and why is he drinking so much water???

Then just before dinner he told me something that almost sent me off my seat! He said there was blood in his pee! OMG! I double checked with him and asked if it is a lot of blood or just some traces of it? And he said ‘A LOT!’ He then told me he felt feverish and I told him to take a Panadol to bring his fever down but like an old bull, he refused. Then he went to pee again and I guessed the amount of blood that kept coming scared him so he decided to call the clinic and get an appointment.

Off he went at 8.30pm to the clinic and after an hour he messaged me that the doctor at the clinic was worried and told him to go to the hospital. Oh shiatz! That must be serious!!! So off he went to the A&E which happened to be just next door to the clinic. He has to go through some tests and was ordered stay on bed. He sent me some photographs of what they were doing with him while he was being monitored. Besides getting poked, he has his finger fixed on a finger pulse oximeter too as he was running a temperature at that time.

After a few rounds of poking to draw blood for testing, he was told to administer some IV drips… which was some kinds of antibiotics as they could not confirm what was wrong. They still need to run more tests to see if it is anything serious. He was home around 2am… phew~

It was a scary, scary night for both of us… *shivers*



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One Response to Biggest scare!

  1. Really hope nothing serious…. he got feel pain or not while pee peeing?

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