A Visit to Brighton Beach

On the weekend before the new school term starts, we finally made our way to the famous Brighton Beach at St Kilda. I’ve wanted to go to this particular spot along the coast for a long time but always missed it on our plan.

As the weather was pretty ok, windy but not too hot we thought it will be nice for the kids to run around the beach. We arrived around 10-ish and it was still not that crowded so we managed to get a good spot to park our car. Parking was not all cheap here… they are charging $4/hr. For tourists, they can take a train/Metro which is the last station and simply walk up about a kilometre from the train station.

What is the attraction here, you may ask… Well, all because of these…




These colorful huts are the main attraction! Don’t look down on them as each of them could cost an arm and leg! There are a 3×3 feet hut but they are priced between AUD$500 to a massive AUD$1 million each!!! It may sounds crazy but these are HOT properties!

Here is a shot of the 2 elder kids with the huts…





One thing I was puzzled was the white sand was not really smooth. It was pretty rough… unlike those silky smooth white sand on the East Coast of Malaysia.

We might visit again next summer when baby can walk so she can enjoy playing with the sand 🙂




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