The fastest toilet training!

I can’t really remember when I actually starts potty/toilet train Glennedine. It has to be when she was about 1.5 years old but it has not been a successful attempt. We tried again when we arrived in Melbourne as it was summer then so took the opportunity of the hot weather to continue the training but it was a total failure as she prefers not to pee or poo when put on the toilet bowl!

PiggyBeng was not working then so he actually spent time sitting with Little Missy in the toilet hoping she’ll get the message. But no. Glennedine just refused to do anything! The best she did was a few pees and that was all!!! PiggyBeng gave up.

Then it was my confinement and my mom was here to try. Even mom, who was one of the greatest potty trainer failed to train Ms Samseng! Mom was disgusted with washing butts covered with poo! 😐

Therefore, I told mom not to bother any more and we’ll just let nature takes it course. Still being encouraging, but nothing happens.

And on 2 of December 2012 was Glennedine’s 3rd birthday and we fulfilled her wish by taking her to Ikea’s Smiland playland. She had wanted to play in there so badly that she was all so excited that she has finally turned 3 to qualify.

Guess what? All kids who are allowed in must be fully toilet trained! HOW? Glennedine was denied entry and she was devastated!!! 😦 I tried to reasoned to her. She did not cry but kept quiet when I spoke to her (I think she understood) and I have to pull her away. She was terribly sad but I think she got the idea that she must not wear diaper any more if she wanted to go in to play.

Using this as the motivation, I started training her and prepping her when we reached home that very day. And it actually worked!!!!!

Within a week, our Samseng girl is diaperless day and night! It was one of the most amazing thing to happen!!!!

And here is the happiest moment (on 12 Dec 2012) when she finally allowed in to Smiland…




This is one of the greatest milestone achieved as kor-kor only managed to go diaper free completely at 6 years and 2 months! He always has little accidents at night so we decided to just let him have the diaper on rather than to wash the linen everyday πŸ˜›

Welldone sweetie! We are so proud of you! πŸ˜€



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