The world is no longer a safe place

When I was a kid and living in the kampung (village), there is hardly any news of crimes. Everyone knows everyone around the neighborhood and according to my mom, people who came and visit us will often bring me off for a ride on their scooter without telling my mom but I am still safe and alive. Life was so carefree! Not like now… it is not safe to even stand outside the porch of our own house!

Of late, I have been hearing news of robbers who brazenly attack people in broad daylight. They came with all kinds of weapons and they don’t just use it to scare people… they actually slash and shoot! Each time I read all these news on the papers it sent a shiver through my spine.

One of PiggyBeng’s relatives who is living in New York City shared similar experiences with us during one of our gatherings before we left for Melbourne. He told us he got robbed at gun point on the street near Chinatown or Brooklyn a few times. There was another time burglar came to his house and tied him up and rob off all his stuff. He said, NYC is no longer a safe place

Therefore, he has suggested to PiggyBeng to contact Guard Now for Security New York if he is there for work in the future to make sure he is safe throughout his trip there. Guard Now provides Security guard New York for all areas including downtown New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Tribeca, West Village, East Village, Times Square, Washington Heights, Inwood, Fordham, Coop-City, Parkslope, Prospect Park and everywhere in between.

Guard Now provides security guards for almost every kind of security needs such as parties, patrol drive-by, or even executives from overseas who need security guards or monitoring goods overnight and much more.

To ensure you’ll have a safe trip in New York City, check out Guard Now for their security services.


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