Tooth Fairy on duty

This is another very back-dated post! 😛

One of Darrius’s bottom front incisors got wobbly and has finally fallen off on the 11th of August 2012 (that was like 2 months ago!) and Tooth Fairy has started her duty since then! 😛 Due to the fact that mommy has been so lazy to jot down this important milestone, she has also forgot how it happened! *grin sheepishly*



Thank God for all the electronic gadgets, at least there are some photos to mark this important milestone though not much of a details attached.

Our first born is very excited of course and he even insisted to write to Tooth Fairy! Using a used envelope, he penned down a little message for Tooth Fairy…




He wrapped his little tooth inside the envelope and I helped him to staple so that the tooth will not fall out of the envelope. He was extremely excited and can’t sleep as he waited for Tooth Fairy to appear. Luckily it was Saturday night so there was plenty of chance for mommy to do her Tooth Fairy duty. At last, after a long wait he fell asleep due to tiredness and Tooth Fairy made her first appearance and dropped a little gold coin for the little tooth! 😆

When he woke up the next day, he was very excited and came to tell me that Tooth Fairy came while he was sleeping! hehehee I asked if he managed to catch a glimpse of Tooth Fairy and he said nope as he has fallen asleep.

Then a week later the other bottom front incisor got wobbly and fell off too! This happened on a Thursday night so Tooth Fairy failed to appear! He was a little disappointed but we told him that maybe Tooth Fairy was busy and told him to wait again.

Tooth Fairy came again when he was sleeping so he missed it again! hehehe So, I asked him did he managed to see Tooth Fairy this time and he answered that Tooth Fairy will not let anyone sees her when she comes… This boy is good at creating story! 😀

Whatever it is, he still believes that Tooth Fairy exists! 🙂


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