Mini Olympic

Okie, I know Olympic came and gone but I did not mention a word on it. That was pure laziness. hehehe Olympic happens once every 4 years so it is something to look forward to and remembered but with so many monkeys here how to concentrate?? I only watched a few of the competitions which are normally focused on Team Australia. Did not even get a glimpse of Dato Lee Chong Wei’s match.

Well, besides the real Olympic, there is another which I went to cheer for. It was the Mini Olympic in Darrius’s school which took place on the same day as the real Olympic’s opening ceremony. It was a half day event but I only stayed for the ‘opening ceremony’ and one of the event as the other 2 kids got really restless so we got to leave.

Some snap shots on that day…




The theme was Olympic so every class represent a country and Darrius’s class represented The Netherlands. They have to put on clothes or dress in the country’s colors or anything thar represent the particular country.

And the games they played…



Hehhe… yeah, egg on spoon! 😆 There were a few more which I did not get to watch coz baby was making noise.


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