5 Months & Cradle-cap

Erinne has the worst case of cradle-cap among my three kids. Darrius has it but it was a mild one. Glennedine has it too but it was hardly noticeable. However, poor Erinne has her whole head covered with dry hard crusts and when it was warm, she will get itchy and will start to scratch! Poor cry was in a lot of pain as I can see she gets frustrated sometimes. Probably the weather here is dry hence her cradle -cap condition is more extreme.

We got her some ointment to apply when she was about 2 months old but it did not get any better after a few weeks. We stopped for a few days and then applied again. Sometimes I have to put on a beanie for her so she can’t scratch as I do not want her fingers or nails to get in contact with the ointment since she is at the stage of biting her fingers now.



She turns 5 months today and there are still some small patches of harden crusts on her head but it is getting better definitely. I have also started applying some olive oil to ease her itch so she don’t have the tendency to scratch.

How time flies! 🙂


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