Slacking coz I was baking!

It has been a while since I actually put up posts on the kids! Yeah, I’ve been a real slack lately as Baby E has been erratic with her nap time! Also, I have been busy in the kitchen experimenting with bread making!

Finally I can say my Kitchen Aid is awesome! I’ve been whipping out lots of new cake recipes which I have never done before when I was using my mom’s antique mixer which is at the point of breaking down. Yeah, that old faithful is as old as me! hehehe The great thing about this super mixer is, it can mix and knead bread dough! Tough equipment!

So, what have I been baking???



Baked some bacon buns which were damn yummy but still lack the texture as I was having a little difficulties managing the mixer and the stickiness of the bread dough so added more flour to make it workable. The buns were a little dense due to the extra flour.

Then I decided to try another recipe making some cinnamon rolls which turned out to be pretty good! However, blur me forgot to add the sugar! Nevertheless, the rolls still turned out fine… Phew!



Then last night I decided to attempt the buns again and this time I can say I managed to overcome the sticky dough and they are more pliable. Hence, I could count this as the most successful attempt! The buns were soft and fluffy!



The kids wanted the sausages buns and if I were to buy from the bakery, they could easily cost $2 each! Last night batch yielded 16 buns and the cost of baking them is definitely less than $10… but used quite a bit of time as bread dough need to be proofed at least twice before sending off to the oven.

I am going to try a few more recipes to bake different types of breads and buns and hopefully they will turn out fine too!


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Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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One Response to Slacking coz I was baking!

  1. leona says:

    Your buns definitely look amazing and yummylicious!
    And I agree with u that making em urself is much much more cost effective than buying from the bakery.

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