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I think almost everyone who goes online daily has a Facebook or a Twitter account or accounts. Even my anti-social PiggyBeng has a Twitter account because he wanted to read other people’s tweets! However, he is still very paranoid about sharing his life online. I can truly understand him as I am an avid Facebooker as I like sharing my photos online with family and friends but the recent changes in Facebook irked me as I felt my privacy has been infringed… somehow.

As I am sharing more online now and I truly value my privacy online since there are so many cases where crooks are using social networks to steal or performing all sort of crimes, I do not wish to add on to the statistic.

Each time Facebook made changes, my settings got hay wired! I’ll have to manually change it so my status updates and photos are not ‘opened/viewable’ to others except those who are in my friend list. There has been a few times when I spotted strangers got into my list without my prior approval. Very strange and upsetting indeed. Sometimes there are some private things which I do not wish to share with those who are out of the ‘circle’.

If you have not heard yet, Sgrouples is a better place to share your digital footprints online. Sqrouples is created by the Future of Privacy Forum advisory board members with the aim to “put privacy control back into consumers’ hand”. The site also comes with a Privacy Bill of Rights and there is no tracking, spying or stalking when you use Sgrouples. Therefore, users owns their own contents, and nobody can search for them or see what they do online.

With Sgrouples, users can create their own private groups or networks to share online in a private and controlled manner. This is especially good for family with kids going online especially when the kids start getting into Facebook. It is a wild wild web out there and kids are easily being ‘derailed’ into unsafe sites where they could be a victim of digital crimes.

With Sgrouples, you can easily share your photos, events, documents or even links with your contacts. In fact, you can even link them to your Facebook or Twitter account(s) and share within your groups in Sgrouples.

Do check Sgrouples out and take control in protecting your online life.


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