Little Junk Food Queen

As it is not convenient to buy food for lunch now means I have to whip up something for both myself and Glennedine unless we have left over from the night before. Usually I don’t really like having left over so I will somehow cook something, noodles or pasta or whatever I can think off or whatever is available.

However, Glennedine is not someone like Darrius who will eat everything that mommy cooked for her. This little devil just dislike proper meals! If I leave her eating on her own means the entire bowl of rice or noodles will likely go into the bin rather than her tummy. I took the liberty to feed her now than letting the food go to waste. *sigh*

So, this morning I asked her what she would like to have for lunch (mommy wanted to eat noodles) and this is the conversation we had…

Mommy : What you want for lunch? I cook noodles for you okie?
Glennedine : I don’t want noodles!
Mommy : You want rice?
Glennedine : I don’t want rice! I want popcorns!
Mommy : No more popcorns. How about chips?
Glennedine : YES! CHIPS!
Mommy : =.=

Well, what can I say???? She wanted junk food all the time! Usually I don’t really care (PiggyBeng said don’t bother to ask!) and just feed her whatever I’ve cooked. Since I am cooking some spicy noodles so I thought I’ll ask her what she wanted and all she ever wanted was junk food! Duh!

Probably I’ll have to refrain from giving her a choice next time since she can’t make good choices! hahaha Will have to continue to be a dictator… eat what mommy cooked else don’t eat! *evil grin*

Today I let her have her way… so she had potato chips and raisins for lunch! What a balanced meal! 😆


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