USA Foods – The American Grocer in Melbourne

Last weekend I was trying to make some waffles using the waffle mix I bought a couple of weeks back. It was my first time trying out this mix so I am not sure how it will turn out. And it was a bad mix (I followed the instructions to the tee) but my waffles stuck to the waffle plates! Even after I glazed the plates with oil they were still sticking. 😦

Feeling a little frustrated, I decided to check where I could find some Betty Crocker’s Bisquick, the famous American pancake and waffle mix that we all loved and fool proof! Stumbled on a forum and saw someone posted about this place…



Apparently they have just landed here in Melbourne and being the only store in Australia too! We are so fortunate eh? 😛 However, the store is still sparsely filled with stock. Probably they have not brought in all the stuff yet so will have to wait for a while before we can get more selections of their stock. The goods are all more expensive than they were selling in the States though…

I found my Bisquick but it was priced at $9.90 instead of $2 or $3 selling in the States. In Malaysia I can get the same box for RM17+. So it is RM30+ for a box here which is almost double! In the end I got the other brand – Jiffy, instead which just as good.

At least now my waffles turned out fine….



110 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin Victoria 3189
Tel: (03) 9555 0288


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