Entering the Princess phase

A couples of weeks ago while putting Glennedine to nap, we had this very cute conversation…


Me : Okie, you close your eyes and sleep now.

Glennedine : Okie mom. Good night mom (she always uses this even if it is day time)

Me : Okie. Good Night.

Glennedine : Noooooooooooo! Good Night Princess!!

Me : Who is Princess??? You?? You want to be Princess???

Glennedine : Yes! Me Princess!

Me : (laughed) Haha! okie okie… Good Night Princess!


We both laughed and she was so happy she went to sleep…

I found it rather comical as I’ve never expect her to go into this stage or phase since there is zero influences in our home. Though we brought her to Disneyland but she was too young to know what is a princess at that time.

It seems like it is a natural thing that girls will go into this phase or even get all girly like wanting to be pretty and etc… With Darrius, there was no such things of wanting to be looking good. It is different with Glennedine. I’ll love to see if Erinne will display the same thing when she reaches her jeh-jeh’s age next time.


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