The BIG TOYs Sale

When they have sales here, it is practically everywhere! K-Mart, Target, Big W and Myer is having the biggest toys sale now. And you know when this happens, the kids will go crazy! I am so afraid of passing the toys isles as they kids will get stuck and refused to budge!

PiggyBeng bought a few sets of LEGOs for Darrius and I told him that he should get Glennedine something as well since we hardly buy her any toys (PiggyBeng’s excuse was Glennedine don’t appreciate any). All the while Glennedine only plays with Darrius’s toys as she is never interested in her own toys. That’s why they fight everyday… *sigh*

So, after browsing and testing all the toys that was on sale, we asked Glennedine what she wanted? We showed her a few cooking/kitchen sets but surprisingly she is not keen in them but ended up with this instead…



Yeah, she has been following mommy to groceries shopping since the day she turns 1 month so it was obvious she loves that ‘job’! 😆

She insist on pushing the trolley after we paid for it so we let her have some fun by pushing it around the mall. Luckily we did not get her a hospital cart, else we’ll have to bring her to the hospital! 😛


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