1st Fundraising

Darrius is in a government school so they rely heavily on government funding as well as their own fundraising activities. Since we have no experience with other government schools in Malaysia before we came to Melbourne, we do not know if they are doing like what most government schools here are doing.

Early last month (when I was still in confinement), Darrius was sent home with a box of Cadbury chocolates to be sold at a $1 a piece. The box has 50 pcs. So, we are new here, hardly have any friends and we have yet to meet most of our neighbors, how are we going to sell 50pcs of chocolates????



What we did was, right after my confinement ended, I brought Darrius (armed with a introduction note) to knock on some of our neighbors’ door. It was crazy since we knew not a single soul! πŸ˜› The weather was getting cold too since it was end of autumn. You can imagine how the two of us walking around in the cold knocking on doors like salesmen! πŸ˜†

We were so glad that our neighbors are indeed a friendly lot though we hardly see them around (they always hide inside their house!). There was this kind old lady who stays just a few houses away from our house who bought 2 pieces of chocolates from Darrius (but asked him to keep the chocolates for himself), even gave him 2 boxes of chocolates (it was right after Easter) as she said she don’t eat chocolates. πŸ˜€



Within 3 days, we managed to sell a total of 28 pieces of chocolates which is isn’t that bad! Thanks to our friendly neighbors, we managed to help Darrius’s school raised $28 which will be used to purchase necessities for the schools.


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2 Responses to 1st Fundraising

  1. Cynthia says:

    isn’t that a good idea of fundraising? better than going around with a card and ask for donation like in Malaysia..

  2. Paik Ling says:

    Aussie schools banyak pasal one lah. Later there would be fetes (like carnivals) to raise funds also. Have fun *wink*

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