Ma Ling Luncheon meat

When I was a kid, my mom used to cook luncheon meat for us when she runs out of idea what to cook. It was like a treat to us too as mom always thinks can food is less healthy or has no nutritional values. Well, it is true that most can/processed food are high in sodium and not too healthy. And worst, can food, especially meat are so expensive these days… and if you notice, they are more expensive than fresh meat! Crazy rite?

Anyway, I still like these luncheon meat though it is kind off a forbidden food if I want to be health conscious! My kids love them! Could they add some kind of drugs to them that make us addicted to them??? 😛

However, we stopped buying those Made in China luncheon meat ever since their standard has dropped tremendously over the years (tasted really flourish now) and with so many health scares recently. We have moved to other brands which came from other countries, such as Tulip or SPAM which came from Holland and US respectively.

Yesterday, while shopping in the Asian grocers in Richmond, PiggyBeng pointed out to me that the Ma Ling luncheon meat was actually from Holland. HOLLAND???? I never noticed that!!! So, on closer inspection, this was what I saw…



That means, we can buy that now! :lol At least we know now that this particular version is not Made in China and is safe to eat! Just curious why it is made in Holland and not Netherlands since Holland has changed its name to Netherlands many years ago?

Anyway, I still have almost a dozen cans of SPAM sitting in my pantry so won’t be buying any more luncheon meat till we are done with our SPAM 😛


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One Response to Ma Ling Luncheon meat

  1. Cynthia says:

    Guess I go check out the Ma Ling here if it’s from China or Holland…

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