Getting a Victoria driver licence

One of my biggest regrets when we come here to Melbourne is that my driver licence was not being recognised. I have to go through the entire process again just to get a valid driver licence.

Actually, I first got my licence in Perth but I did not convert it to a full licence before I left hence I was holding just a ‘P’ licence. It was easy to convert the Perth/Western Australia licence to Malaysian licence. I’ve never thought we’ll migrate here so the need to get my WA’s licence converted never cross my mind! If I have done that, I’d save lots of money!!!

To get my VIC licence, I have to not only go through the learner driver test but also the Hazard Perception test on top of the actual drive test! All of which are pretty expensive! Luckily I can read and write English so I don’t require a translator. I met a Polish lady who was sitting next to me had a Polish translator with her during her tests since she is not able to understand English.

I was lucky too that I passed all the tests now and was granted a 10 years licence so I can finally push all those worries behind me! 🙂


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One Response to Getting a Victoria driver licence

  1. Daddy says:

    Cool…Congrats !

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