Australia Got Talent

I seldom watch TV but due to my confinement, I have nothing much to do other than lounging on the sofa with the baby. Good thing about the TV here is that, there are more channels for me to flip even we do not subscribe to cable TV.

I love watching those cooking competition show and the next series which will be aired soon is Master Chef. However, there is another series which is quite entertaining at the moment is the audition of Australia Got Talent. Was watching one of the final episodes last night and saw this little Chinese boy playing with an electric guitar. He was awesome! He told the judges he wanted to be a rock star! So adorable.

His parents must be so proud of him… They invested quite a fair bit on the instruments I supposed. Not sure if they got their son any of those lace stuff but I guessed they don’t come cheap.

Wonder if Darrius wanted to play the electric guitar some day???


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One Response to Australia Got Talent

  1. jasmine says:

    oh I love the Jr. Master Chef too..They can cook better than me anytime man :|. But like you I only have chance to watch when I used to travel for work, now no chance la

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