Product Review : BOBA Baby Carrier 3G

Both PiggyBeng and myself love baby wearing and we have been using baby carriers for both of our kids and we’ve just added another baby carrier to our collection, the BOBA Baby Carrier, which is one of the best we’ve had thus far!

In my collection includes a ring sling carrier, a Sleepy Wrap, a BabyBjorn as well as a hand me down brandless baby carrier from SIL as we just love the convenience of baby wearing as it gave us a lot more freedom as compared to putting the kids in the strollers especially when we go to crowded places and I can tell you, the BOBA just met all our requirements!

When I had Glennedine, PiggyBeng used to be the one who will carry her and for a guy, he dislike using the Sleepy Wrap (currently known as BOBA Wrap) that I had as it is ‘PINK’ and he don’t like the idea of tying so I got a Baby Bjorn for him. After sometime, Glennedine grow bigger and heavier and I read from some parenting forums that the crotch wearing Baby Bjorn is not very good for a developing baby/toddler so I decided to look around for a better carrier. And while I was doing the research, Glennedine learned to walk and she refused to be in the carrier! Since she got heavier, we decided that she should go for the stroller instead! And I thought that was the end of my baby wearing days!

However, things changed when I discovered that I am pregnant with #3! And the search for another baby carrier is ON again! 🙂 I was actually looking and comparing a few different brands which is able to offer wearing from newborn to toddlerhood and was delighted that Parent Reviewers are looking for reviewers to review the award winning BOBA Baby Carrier 3G! I could not believe my luck… once AGAIN!!!! 😀 The BOBA has been raved by a few parenting forums and I felt so lucky to be given one to review!

Since baby is not due till end of this month, we thought Glennedine could use it first since she has gotten really tough to control while we are out and she knew how to wriggle out from the stroller! She is extremely hyper when we let her walk and she tends to run away from our sight! The only way to keep her in the stroller is to stuff her with junk food but we don’t really want her to have too much junk food so we thought putting her in the BOBA is the most brilliant idea! We used to have the restrainer on her but some people commented that it look rather cruel to ‘leash’ a kid! Therefore, the BOBA carrier is the best answer to our dilemma!



Let me tell you why I heart the BOBA so much… The first few features of the BOBA that attracts me is, it can be converted into an infant carrier without adding any additional inserts. That means, I don’t have to purchase additional attachments when I use it on my newborn. One carrier and it grows together with my baby! How awesome is that???!!! Secondly, I just love the idea of it having the removable foot straps! That was such a great idea! It is especially great for toddlers as having their feet dangling for long hours is not advisable as they could get tired and the straps actually give them proper leg support. Thirdly, the cute designs… as you can see I opted to have the Kangaroo print which is so app since we are living in Australia now! There are more cute designs available to suit everyone too 🙂



BOBA carriers are suitable for all seasons as they are made of 100% certified organic cotton. It is so easy to use and as you can see my little cheeky girl was having so much fun in it!

The folks at BOBA really did a great job at designing such a user friendly and reliable carrier making our life as parents so much more bearable! Don’t worry if you are a 1st time parent and not so sure on how to use as the carrier comes with a first class detailed user manual in 8 different languages! 😀

If you are from Australia, you can get your BOBA from a wide list of agents. For other countries, you can always check the International store locator from the website.

Each BOBA Carrier is priced reasonably from $120-$125 depending on the designs and you can purchase online with using major credit cards as well as PayPal!



Disclosure :

I have received the above BOBA Baby Carrier to facilitate my review from Parent Reviewers and I was not compensated in any other forms for this post. All  opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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