Term 1 achievements

Geez… today is the last day of Term 1 for Darrius! How time flies!!! Can’t believe that 10 weeks has just passed us by in a blink of the eye.

So far the little rascal has been doing well in school and I’m proud to say he has some pretty good achievements too. It is always good to know he is settling well in the new environment and managed to do well despite being ‘different’ than his classmates. Well, I am glad that most of his classmates are ‘color blind’ but I knew there are one or two fellow who are not but Darrius is not one that really bothered!

And here… are those little proud moments…



The above award was a little ‘mind blogging’ coz he is a complete different person when at home! Well, probably he’s a sweet talker in class!!!!



The above award was presented during the school’s assembly which is kinda ‘grand’ as the entire school is present. Parents of students who are receiving the award are invited to witness the ceremony.



His teacher was so kind to help him take a photo with the award upon returning to the classroom and even have the photo laminated!

We are so proud of you boy and we hope you’ll continue to strive to do your best!! ❤ ❤


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One Response to Term 1 achievements

  1. Well done, Darrius.I’ve no doubt he is a sweetie at school.

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