Testing day!

Today I have to take 2 tests. It is for my driver licence conversion. First it was the computerized test with 32 questions and the other one was the hazard perception test with 28 questions. The computerized test is something like the ‘Undang-undang’ test in Malaysia and I did quite well in that. As for the second test, I was lucky that I passed coz the questions are extremely tricky!

I am glad I managed to get through both tests and now I only have my practical driving test to worry about which will take place in a month time. I have yet to engage a driving instructor. Not that I don’t know how to drive but just to have a few sessions to get myself familiarize with the testing routes.

After the tests, Piggy Beng drove around the area and we stopped by some shops to check out some stuff. In one of the shops, we saw some really fancy electrical switch plates on sale but we don’t have our own nest yet so did not get any. probably we will when we got our place next time.


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