It’s Achacha, not Cha Cha!

When I first arrived here in Melbourne, I must say there are so many stuff I’ve not seen before when I visited the farmers markets! Though I have been living in Perth for 2 years 10 years ago, there are just too many new things here to be discovered! So, life is definitely interesting and exciting here!

A couple of weeks back, while shopping at Coles, I came across this weird looking fruit…



Well, they don’t really look weird actually… they do look a bit like palm oil fruits but they are hard. I was wondering how to open them up. They don’t come in cheap either. The first time I spotted them, they were on sale for $7/kg.

These fruits, called Achacha is actually a type of tropical fruit from the Amazon! It is now being commercially produced here in Australia. To know more about Achacha, check out this link.

So, how does it look like inside and how does it taste???



I actually have to use a knife to pry it open (I did not check the website earlier prior to opening one) . Someone told me that it is something like mangosteen. The husk (the orange skin) is kinda sappy and the fruit inside… well, it tasted a bit like mangosteen! There are just 2 sections inside and each hold a seed. It is not as sweet as mangosteen but it is not sour or bitter for sure.

So, if you happen to see these fruits being sold, do give them a try…


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