Packing Lunches/Bento for School

I must say all my investment in those bento gadgets are finally put into good use as it is a MUST to prepare lunch boxes for school going kids here in Australia. Darrius has 2 breaks a day so he needs to have a snack for morning recess and preferably a hot/warm meal for lunch break.

Luckily the school only starts at 9am which gave me ample time to prepare his lunch boxes. For the past few days, he has been getting all these…





I have yet to unpack all my bento stuff so I am just using what are out of those big boxes… thus not much of fancy stuff yet. Still can’t find all my cutters so for now, only basic stuff but that should suffice for time being. 😛

What matter most is that Darrius is enjoying his hot/warm lunches so I am really happy. 😀

To see more of Darrius bento or school lunches, do pop over to Bento Fun!


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2 Responses to Packing Lunches/Bento for School

  1. Cynthia says:

    Glad that you settle down and started the bento journey too!!

  2. khongfamily says:

    Great!!You have settled down so well!! And great bentos as well. Btw, what do you normally prepare for hot/warm lunches?

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