A New Milestone – Darrius is attending Year 1!

Gosh! How time really flies!

Though Darrius was supposed to be attending Primary 1 early this year like all his peers, but due to our move to Melbourne recently, he has to starts a month later. That is because, the new school year for Victoria only begins in early February.

The timing was great as it gave us some time to settle down in our new place and gave us ample time to prepare. We got him registered to a school nearby our house (just 3 minutes drive away) and everything was set! His first day was yesterday (2 February 2012) and he was pretty excited about his new adventure!



Most schools here start at 9am in the morning and end at 3.30pm. The kids get 2 breaks in between.

We brought him to school at around 8.45am and the school compound was already filled with cars of parents sending their children to school. We have to park quite a distance away.

On our way to the school’s office, we bumped into the principal and he brought us to Darrius’s new classroom which is just opposite the school’s car park and playground. There are a total of 5 Year 1 classes this year with 20-25 students in each class. Darrius is placed in 1E which is the last class since we only registered him a week ago.The setting of the classroom is very much like his kindy in Penang. They are seated in groups and all writing materials are provided. Oh, did I mentioned that there are no books required??? Yes!!! We have not been asked to get any text books!!!



The students are required to remove their shoes upon entering the classroom. Not sure why they have this rule but I saw the teacher had her shoes on…



Once the clock strike 9am, the class teacher made all the students sat in a circle in front and lessons begin. Pretty fast for a first day!!! Parents still mingle around but within 10 minutes, they have all dispersed! I’m surprised as this was actually the 1st day of school! There were a few sobbing kids in Darrius’s class (I am proud of Darrius as he did not shed a single tear!) but they soon stopped once the sat down in front.



When we went to pick Darrius up at 3.30pm, he was so excited and can’t wait to report to us what he had for the day. He was so happy that he got to play at the sand pit and the playground. He told me he has a few new friends and did a whole lot of stuff with them! The class teacher even gave each of them a tub of yogurt for morning tea break! Well, looks like he is really enjoying school! No homework, no stress! Good for him and good for me!! πŸ˜€


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8 Responses to A New Milestone – Darrius is attending Year 1!

  1. littlelamb says:

    I think D likes his new environment. Looks like you guys are settling well.

  2. Angie says:

    Looks like he’s doing great in school. Great job, Darrius.

  3. Charmaine says:

    Good that Darrius settled so quickly at school. Easy peasy for him. In Year 1, mainly bring home readers everyday.

  4. etceteramommy says:

    This is a local school or international? Anyhow glad he already feels at home. Well done Darrius. You too Alice. Take great care.

  5. HK Choo says:

    Sounds great that Darrius is adapting to school so well and fast, bravo boy!!
    Baby G misses her brother or not since school is till late arvo?
    Looks like you all are settling down very well too πŸ™‚ Take care yea.

  6. Shooi says:

    Awww..both of u are so lucky! Here std 1 is a totally different world. Haizz really kesian our primary kids here.

  7. a-moms-diary says:

    Five classes of 20-25 students is so luxurios. Yiu Yiu’s school has like 15-16 classes, with 40 students per class 😦

    Looks like the whole clan is settling in well.

  8. Chew Lee says:

    same education system here, no homework!! πŸ™‚

    Can see D is adapting well to new environment.

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