Kindy concert only in memory

We attended Darrius’s kindy concert last Tuesday after waiting for it for the longest time. It was a smooth sailing event with everything went on schedule. He finally received his scroll and ‘graduated’. I almost cried with tears of joy when looking at him standing on stage. Despite not doing too well this year (blame it on me for not spending enough time to do revision with him since I have been feeling lousy for the past months) he still went on to receive 2 awards.

He performed in a few dances and did pretty well. He only had one costume as the theme of the concert revolved around a garden. He is one of the red ants. All the costumes are custom made so we don’t have to get them from stores like Sherri Hill at yet unless it is a prom nite! 🙂

It was a night we have been waiting for but what happened after the concert (only the next day) did I realized that one of the SD cards of my camera was missing! What a bummer!!!! Now, the whole concert is left with just a memory in our mind. 😦 I hope the school can give us a copy of the CD.

Next, it will be school prom and I vowed I’ll never make the same boo-hoo-hoo again of losing any SD cards!!!


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