Backache and insomnia

I really loathe the first few weeks of my pregnancies (for all 3!!!) as I tend to get really bad backache and pro-longed insomnia which really wear my body down. I just can’t wait to deliver the baby as all these will disappear the moment the baby is out!

It is unfortunate that I can’t take any medications else I would have done so long ago. I can only depend on PiggyBeng to give me some shoulder massage when he’s free and I read that having a hot bath before sleep helps too. Probably adding some himalayan bath salts would be better but I don’t have a bath tub at home so no chance to try that.

Will have to find out solutions as I really need to get some serious rest!


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Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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  1. Charmaine says:

    Have you tried pregnancy (pre-natal) massages? I found them helpful during my pregnancies, helped with blood circulation and loosening the limbs and stretching them too. Also great for the soreness and tiredness in the lower back.

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