The long list

Well, now that we are going to have #3 soon, that also means we have to expedite our plans to move DownUnder earlier than planned as PiggyBeng wanted an OZie baby for some reasons. 😛 I am not complaining but the rush is kinda heavy on me since the next few months will be unpredictable… most of you who knew me, I have histories of bad morning sickness in both my previous pregnancies.

The nausea has started and I do feel queasy on some days especially when I am in the kitchen. The biggest culprit is the dish washing liquid… and the stale smell when I open the kitchen door. It get worst if my neighbor is cooking some really oily stuff. I try to not stay around the area as much as I could.

Since we have to make lots of preparations before the big move, we have to list down all the stuff we need to bring along with us as buying there could be expensive. However, shipping our stuff over is not going to be cheap either. We are contacting some movers to come over to make an assessment on the cost of moving our belongings.

Besides that, we have a long list of stuff to buy as it will be more convenient to have them ready then to buy there due to availability. There are definitely lots of small items which we would never thought of having until we are listing them down!!! However, we will not be getting any fiberglass storm shelter here since it is not something easily available in a country where no great storm has strike! Probably we will find one in DownUnder if we really required one!


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0 Responses to The long list

  1. carol says:

    there’s a FB group about Msian in can join to get more information..most of us are there to discuss everything on how to settle and tips in Australia..

    FB group name > Global Malaysians Network – GMN Australian chapter

  2. chanelwong says:

    I hope all will be ok…
    your sickness will not be that bad…
    if you need any help ..let me know because i have friend who migrated there n staying there…

    Take care

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