Book Review: Will the Courageous – A Story by Amy Barth

Sometimes it is extremely tough trying to explain to a preschooler about things that are out of the norm. Young toddlers’ minds are still very raw and in many situations, they can’t really differentiate between right and wrong. My boy is a very good example. He will not know that it is wrong if someone touches him at the wrong places since he has a playful nature.

In ‘Will the Courageous – A Story About Sexual Abuse’ which is aimed at young children, explained why some touches are not welcome.


Reading level: Ages 6-9
Paperback: 28 pages
Publisher: Loving Healing Press (May 6, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1615990009
Author: Amy Barth


The story is about a 6 years old boy, Will, who is in first grade and loves to tell knock-knock jokes. He has loving parents and an elder brother and a baby sister. Will, mommy works as a part time nurse in a hospital. So, on days when Will’s mommy needs to work, Will will have to go to the baby sitter. Will likes Nana Winnie as well as the younger kids under her care.

Then, one day, Nana Winnie’s told Will that her nephew, Perry will be visiting for a few weeks and told Will to play with Perry. Will get along fine with Perry initially until Perry started the tickle game. For some reasons, Will is not comfortable at how the game was played.

Will got frighten on the second time when the other kids and Perry forced him to play the tickle game. This time it was Will who got tickled and he don’t like one bit when Perry started tickling in between his legs. Will got angry and wished his mommy will come soon. When his mommy fetched him from Nana Winnie’s, Will was not his usual self but he did not know how to describe to his mommy so he just told her he is tired.

After a few incidents, Will started to behave strangely. He will act sick and refused to go to school. Will’s parents took him to the doctor to find out what is wrong after Will suffered from a bad stomach ache in school. After some probings, Will started to mumble to the doctor. Will was then referred to the Child Advocacy Center. Will learned that it was no faults of his on what had happened and was taught ways he can handle similar situations in the future.

This book is very helpful for those who works with children such as counselors, doctors and staff working with children as well as parents of young children. The author has written the book in a very easy to understand manner which is suitable for any children between the age of 6 to 9. Children in this age group will understand about what is ‘inappropriate touching’ is about and how they can relate their experience to their parents or caregivers should they are a victim of sexual abuse.

Disclosure :

I have received the above book to facilitate my review from Parent Reviewers and I was not compensated in any other forms for this post. All  opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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